Franklin-Adams Family Photo Gallery

John Franklin-Adams John Franklin-Adams (1843 -1912).
Born as John Adams, he changed his name by deed poll on the same day as his marriage to Lucy Lillian Inman on 30 April 1879.

Family Group John with his wife Lucy Lillian (centre) and two of his three daughters (Muriel, Audrey and Elsie). The woman on the right may be a sister of either John or Lucy Lillian.

Lillian Franklin-Adams Lucy Lillian with their younger son Bernard Inman Franklin-Adams.

Boys Bernard with his brother John Basil and a sister.

Mother and Children Family Group

Penny-farthings John, possibly with a brother, posing on their penny-farthings.

Grange Cottage Grange Cottage, Wimbledon - the family home during the 1890's,